The Production

Discover more about the different steps that are taken to create a piece of Brol. From design to finishing.


Materials research

A large part of the work goes into researching materials. Scouring the market for residual streams, getting in touch with local producers for possible cooperation... Not all yarns are suitable for clothing and accessories. As soon as new yarn with suitable possibilities has been found, the next step can be taken.

Brol conscious knitting - thread

At BROL, we start from the material, not from the design. By working with residual streams, for example, many different types of yarn are collected, which are not equally suitable for every project. We look, feel and try, and design from the possibilities of the yarn. The emphasis is always on timeless designs that let the yarn speak for itself. The designs are made with pencil on paper and then translated into knitting instructions.





Brol conscious knitting - thread

The yarn has been found, the models designed. Time for the knitting machine and the first samples. This requires a lot of calculation. And often starting all over again to get the fit perfect. Before a piece is finished, several samples are made. Of course, these samples are not lost and are either sold at sample sales or pulled out to be reused.

When the samples are ready, we can start working on the actual pieces. Each piece is made to order or in very small numbers on the hand-knitting machine. In this way, overproduction and impulse purchases are avoided. At the same time, customer preferences can be taken into account and the work can be truly customised. Both the samples and the actual pieces are produced on the hand-knitting machine.


Actual pieces



Most of the finishing is also done by hand and serves as an additional quality control. The sewing of the seams is done as much as possible directly on the knitting machine. If this is not possible, a linker is used or the pieces are put together by hand. The thread ends are tucked in and each piece of Brol is first washed and steamed. As a finishing touch, the labels are sewn in.
Your Brol is ready!


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Brol conscious knitting - thread