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This cloud kit contains everything you need to make your Turd like new again.

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This wool kit includes a can of Eucalan (with the wonderful scent of Jasmine) 500 ml, a wool comb and a cedar block. Everything to keep your Turd spick and span and safely stored for the summer so you can cherish it for a lifetime.

User Manual

Step 1: Using the wool comb, carefully remove the lint. While doing this, pay special attention to places where there is a lot of friction when wearing: under the armpits, on the inside of the sleeves and on the back. Be careful not to pull the thread apart.

Step 2: Give your Brol a lukewarm bath with a capful of Eucalan. Make sure the fiber is completely saturated with water. You do not need to rinse out the Eucalan. Be careful not to stretch your piece when you remove it from the bath and let it dry flat, out of the sun. Your piece now smells wonderfully of Jasmine and so will keep all the moths off.

Step 3: Store your Brol flat. This can be done in a plastic storage container or any sturdy cotton bag. If you use the latter, shake the bag regularly to check for moths. Store the piece of cedar along with your knitwear. Is it no longer fragrant? Then sand it lightly so that the cedar scent is present again. Because moths don't like this smell either.