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This hair ribbon can be worn in a variety of ways, with the knot facing forward or backward. A faithful companion not only during the summer but also the seasons before and after.

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This hair ribbon is knitted in cotton, so it's the summer version of this one. It's slightly fringed at the back (or front), so it's not too thick on the neck and allows your loose hair to fall nicely over it. Ideal for those whose hair and strong willed (check!) or for those who want to add an extra accessory.

Model has a head circumference of 57 cm and wears size M each time.

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S, M, L


Beige, Light Grey, Rust

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80% recycled cotton, 20% cotton
Made on a Passap Tricomatic in the Berlaar workshop
Colors on the screen may vary slightly from reality


Has your hair ribbon lost its shape? Then you can restore it with a wash. These pieces are made of cotton and can therefore simply go into the washing machine. Washing at 30° is usually sufficient. To retain as much shape as possible, it is best to dry your items flat. You can iron them if you want to smoothen out any creases.